The WAVA System offers half-day and full-day workshops on a number of pertinent topics for professionals in leadership positions.

We value the experience of leaders in all walks of life. Our workshops create opportunities to learn from one another and build relationships with other leaders, while also getting expert help with management, governance, fund development, human resource, technology, and fiscal issues from top-notch trainers and consultants.

Are you looking to become a leader or improve your leadership knowledge? Do you have an idea of the type of leadership style you currently possess? Are you searching for ways to make a difference in the lives of those your currently leader or hope to lead someday? Then please call today to schedule a leadership event produced by The WAVA System.

Learn from a leading authority how to take the next steps to improve your leadership style. 

Why host this event if...

  • You’re looking to make a difference in people’s lives
  • You want to learn the tricks and tips of the WAVA System
  • You’re interested in developing the leadership skills it takes to be successful in your career
  • You want to meet interesting, talented and creative leadership people
  •  You need resources that guide you on your way to making a difference in your employee’s and students’ lives

What to expect:

  • Learn about the leadership history and trends in the world today
  • Get job search advice for employers looking for tomorrow's leaders 
  • Find out the basics for becoming or improving leadership techniques 

This is an ongoing free info session for people wanting to make a difference. We have invited our partners, peers and colleagues to provide  resources so that you know some next steps you can take on your leadership adventure.

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