Fundraising Opportunity

Most of Keith’s performances are in conjunction with non-profit organizations.  This partnership allows the organization’s members and friends to enjoy "The WAVA System" shows and act as a fundraiser as well.  Contact us if you're interested in one of our shows assisting you in a fundraising event.  

What are motivational shows?   

Motivational shows are the birth of a new era in Motivational entertainment. Up until now motivational speakers would makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience.  No one knows when the first motivational speech was given, but some scholars say it started before the creation of the bible. Most things change over time, however, not much has changed in a motivational speakers presentation.  The speaker still stands in front of the audience and explain why they should be inspired, uplifted, and excited.  

Keith Coleman has awakened a new generations of thinkers and followers who want to be entertained as well as motivated. This new generation does not want the same old thing told to them in the same old way. They want to feel! To be uniquely inspired and motivated! They want a show that will change their life! 

So why are Keith's shows so powerful?  Keith's shows are filled with powerful concepts, emotions and feelings that include a large variety of themes in which everyone can relate!  Keith's shows are designed with a strong description of his message, personal inspirational characters, set in a dynamic atmosphere, and personally chosen music that motive, inspire and capture his audiences and keeps them coming back for more!