Keith truly enjoys teaching and was open to teaching all levels and adversities, from public to parochial schools, elementary, and middle schools. Keith became an advocate for those children under severed and in need. Keith is widely recognized as a powerful voice for communities traditionally left behind in America's education system: low-income families, minorities, students with disabilities, English language learners, and the children of migrant and seasonal farm workers. Keith’s accomplishment did not go unrecognized by those in the educational community.  He was soon promoted to educational administrative positions at both the secondary as well as post-secondary levels.

Keith has received many awards and accolades for his commitment to education. Two of his notable achievements came when he was recognized by the Lead America, a youth organization and National University for his work in inspiring life changes in our next generation of leaders.

According to Keith, Learning is a life time opportunity!

Soon after he received his first degree, he was offered a job as substitute teacher. The initial taste of being on the other side of the classroom inspired Keith to seek out advanced positions in the educational arena.  He soon was awarded a position as an adjunct professor at the college level in North Carolina. As Keith continued to pursue his educational degrees, further advanced opportunities were presented.  For Keith, the way of learning was starting from the beginning and continuing to follow his educational dreams as they presented themselves. 

Keith believes in working his way up!

Throughout his career in the private sector, Keith Coleman has consistently displayed his dedication to educational excellence. As the son of a lifetime educator, Keith believed first-hand in the value of excellent education not only for himself but for his children.

Keith became involved in his children’s school activities in the early 1980's. Those areas included PTA, Sports Booster Club, and chaperone for school field trips.

Keith's contributions to community educational outreach did not go unnoticed by area educators. Keith was invited to serve on several educational and steering committees in his community. Inspired by his community outreach experiences, Keith advanced to becoming involved the classroom and continues to share his expertise in many areas.