A Man with a wealth of Experience

The pioneer of the “WAVA System”, Keith Coleman is one of North America’s great speakers on the many facets of motivation.  He’s been described as a Gentleman of  the 21th Century,  a Renaissance  man, a  scientist of motivational behavior, an author, retired Marine Corps Officer, school teacher/administrator, businessman, collegian athletic director and coach. Keith comes from a very diverse background, as are his accomplishments. He has been recognized by the Lead America youth organization for his work in inspiring life changes in our next generation of leaders. 

​ Keith brings an equilateral blend of his experience in education, military, and athletics to form what is called the WAVA system.  The system is based on over 200 years of military ideas and strategies that he culminates into a one man performance.  Using music, humor, and inspirational stories the audience is drawn into his motivational web of excitement.  Before you know it Keith is making the audience laugh, shout, and just have an overall good time during his presentations. All of this while making the audience have a new outlook on their lives.  Keith takes a little bit of all of his experiences and motivates even the youngest in the audience. His performances are quickly becoming a coast-to-coast sensation.