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WAVA System: Awakened a new generation of leaders

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The WAVA System has been described as a eye opening performance, utilizing imagery, symbolism, and thematic messages to create an interactive and relatable experience from which audience members can walk away feeling inspired. 
The WAVA System has awakened a new generations of thinkers and leaders who want to be educated as well as motivated. This new generation does not want the same old thing told to them in the same old way. They want to feel! To be uniquely inspired and motivated! They want a speaker that will change their life!

*John R. Harris Elementary School Motivational Performance for Standardize Testing

Introducing the WAVA System – A New Way to Think and Lead

My Story

My name is Keith Coleman, and I am, a motivational speaker, a time manager, and a personal growth developer who inspires current and future leaders to take a strong look at what they are now and who they can become. In my past, I have been a military serviceman, an academic teacher, and a head basketball coach for many different leagues, but above all else, I have always been a leader who has shaped many leaders in return, which is why I developed the WAVA system to change the lives of people everywhere.

WAVA is a multi-layered strategy that combines three different occupational teaching methods into a single educational and inspirational learning module. First, it extracts the rigorous discipline, pride, and courage that I learned from over twenty years in the military. Second, it utilizes the patience, understanding, and tutelage I learned from all my years as an educator. Finally, it exemplifies the motivational excitement and team-building exercises that I employed as a professional basketball coach to turn groups of young people into a fully-cohesive unit. All of these different motivational techniques have been tested and proven to produce highly-skilled, worldly leaders who can set and accomplish their own personal goals.

The WAVA system stands for Waging an Aggressive and Vigorous Attack, and it’s not only a coping mechanism to deal with difficult situations in a healthy way – it’s a leading mechanism. With WAVA, our leaders will be armed with the knowledge and training necessary to elevate themselves above life’s difficulties and ultimately transform into well-balanced, well-aware individuals that also know how to lead a team. They will learn how conflicts are opportunities, how there is always a way to win, and, most importantly, how to become their own supervisor.

I have WAVA lessons for all groups. I can use fun stories with lots of colorful imagery to instill moral values in leaders, or I can examine the deep struggles and conflicts of life with current leaders. The WAVA system is designed around all leadership groups because every person must take responsible and become a better leader.

The Impact

I have inspired leaders of all ages to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Nothing fills me with more joy than a standing in front of an audience as I get to see their inspired faces in real time.

Without the WAVA system, many young leaders will suffer, struggle, and fall into despair and hopelessness over their own personal situation. They wouldn’t have any guidance, and simply wouldn’t know what to do. I am like a family member to many of them, somebody that they can tell anything to during a one-on-one leadership session, and get a neutral, level-headed response.

Motivational  Speaker, Time Manager, Leader Builder, and Personal Growth Developer...

The pioneer of the “WAVA System”, Keith Coleman is one of North America’s great speakers on the many facets of motivation.  He’s been described as a Gentleman of  the  21th  Century,  a  Renaissance  man, a  scientist  of motivational behavior, an author, retired Marine Corps Officer,...

A Man with a wealth of Experience